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May 9, 2020 - Storms of life

He would face suffering, betrayal, and death—but even with all of this looming before Him, Jesus's focus was not on Himself but on ministering to His disciples. He washed their feet, taught them about love, and reassured them that, in one sense, He would never leave them.

Gospel Living app, May 9, 2020

We all go through difficult and challenging situations, some of them seem to never end. What makes it more complicated, is that a lesson we need to learn, that I need to learn, is to still focus on others and not on myself during those situations.

That's hard to do. Especially when your world, the world that you know, the only world you know, is crashing down on you. When you get hit by a bus, how can you think of someone else? Especially in the moment that it's hitting you? And then afterwards when you're in extreme pain?

But....that is exactly what our Savior, my Savior, taught, by example. He showed me that it is possible to do. Even when He sweat blood through every pore, He was thinking of my challenges. He was thinking of my life when He asked if there was another way. He was thinking of my life as He hung on the cross. Do I think He had stopped thinking of me and my suffering now that His ordeal is over?

No. He still gives everything He has to give....for me. For you.

So, when the storms of life hit, remember that the storm that someone else is getting hit with may very well be more devastating.

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