May 8, 2021 - Trust Him

I think the world is going to get worse, and the faithful portion of the Church, at least, is going to get better. The day is coming, more than ever has been the case in the past, when we will be under the obligation of making a choice, of standing up for the Church, of adhering to its precepts and teachings and principles, of taking the counsel that comes from the apostles and prophets whom God has placed to teach the doctrine and bear witness to the world. The day is coming when this will be more necessary than has ever been the case in our day or at any time in our dispensation.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie, "Be Valiant in the Fight of Faith", General Conference, October 1974

This world has absolutely gotten worse. We see it all around us. Even with members of the church. But, the power and love of Christ has gotten much stronger too in relation to the evil abounding today. Make no mistake, we are at war.

We have been at war since the great war in heaven that expelled Lucifer and a third of our brothers and sisters (maybe those expelled were close to us, and now used against us). That war, that fight for the testimonies of Christ, wages on today.

We cannot waiver in this fight. We already know the outcome. We need to be valiant in the testimony of Christ. He is the ONLY way to get through this. Satan is thrusting his influence upon us, right now and always, to make us give up, quit, and ultimately fail. But Christ loves us, comforts us, strengthens us. We need not worry or fear. We need to just trust Him and lean on Him.

We cannot fall prey to the doubts that Satan pushes upon us. He wants us to think that because so and so is mortal, that there is no way he or she is called of God, therefore it can't be true. God only has mortals to work with on this earth. Mistakes have occurred and will continue to occur by all mortals.

In my mind, so what if there are mistakes publicly viewed in the history of this church. So what if there are those right now who do or say things that just aren't right. Does not make the gospel of Jesus Christ any less true. Doesn't make His only true church on the face of this earth not true. We have faith "in Christ", not some mortal person. Only Him to do we worship, do I worship. So only Him should we follow. And following Him means that we trust Him as He speaks through His mortal mouthpieces. So we must listen.

We believe in Christ. We trust Him that He knows what to do, who to use to guide us, where to steer the ship , and why we should obey even if we don't understand right now or agree. We trust Him.

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