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May 6, 2021 - Calm the Storms

Communication from our Father in Heaven comes in different ways at different times. There’s no one form of revelation or inspiration. God uses a great variety to reach us, whatever He feels is best. And it’s all valid.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, National Day of Prayer tweet, May 6, 2021

Today is an especially frustrating day for me. Work has been stressful and overwhelming. Because of that, my body reacts awfully to the extra cortisol coursing through my veins.

And, so, I need to constantly find a balance, a way to manage that stress. I usually do fairly well at managing stress. But, occasionally, my day is a bit more than I can handle. So, not only do I stress at work, my body reacts unexpectedly, making my symptoms temporarily worse. Which, then, of course, adds more stress to my day, which, in turn, makes my symptoms even worse. So, it is a vicious cycle that I, frankly, can't control sometimes.

But there is One who can control this. He can take my stress away. He can calm the storm. I just need to ask Him for help, show Him that I'm willing to do my part, then trust Him that He can and will calm the tempest within.

Life is full of storms. Some are simply just overcast skies with a bit of rain falling down and some are raging hurricanes that have the potential to destroy. "Carest not that I perish", I think sometimes. And then the response, "oh ye of little faith", said not as a rebuke, but a plea to strengthen my faith.

So, my mindset is to strengthen and increase that faith. What's the alternative? I can go that route too, but why?

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