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May 5, 2021 - Perfection Spectrum

As I studied and pondered, I came to the stark realization that what I know about the Savior greatly outweighed how much I really know Him. I resolved then to put forth more effort to know Him. I am very grateful for the scriptures and testimonies of faithful men and women disciples of Jesus Christ. My own journey over the last few years has taken me down many roads of study and discovery.

Michael John U. Teh, "My Personal Savior", General Conference, April 2021

I often ask myself if I really know Jesus Christ and not just know of Him. Do I really have a solid relationship with Him? Is He "my" personal Savior or just somebody who sacrificed for everyone? Did He die for me? He died for everyone (plural) but did He die for me (singular)?

Do I have the type of relationship with Him where I can just call Him up to talk? When I'm having a "bleh" day, or even a victorious one, do I sit down with Him and tell Him about it? Do I make the time to interact with Him? He will always make the time for me, but do I for Him? We all just want to "hang out" with that one person, so is He that One person we just want to be around?

I find too that it's always about me when I pray or ponder my life. Do I ever ask Heavenly Father or Christ about how They are, or even who They are? I already know They're perfect so They don't have "bad" days, right? Well, I assume so anyway. But, in contrast, They know I'm imperfect and sometimes I do have bad days. They already know my day before I even explain it to Them.

So, an imperfect me understanding a perfect Them (based on the definition of the word "perfect", not because of my actually understanding but a fraction of who They really are). And a perfect Them knowing an imperfect me. Complete opposites on that perfection spectrum. 😁

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