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May 4, 2021 - Become as a child

Sight allows us, at a glance, to see the differences in people and judge and categorize them in a negative way. Often when we see a person who does not look like us, we focus on those differences: different color skin, different facial features, or obvious differences in status, wealth, or social background. As a result, we don’t ever get to know them or value their life struggles. We can’t feel their pain, share their joy, or identify with their families and friends. We can’t really understand the reasons for the decisions that they have had to make in their lives.

Marcus Roberts, "A Tie That Binds Us All", BYU Speeches, April 22, 2021

Born into this world, we are all equal. There are no prejudices, there are no stereotypes, there are no scotomas. Then, along the way, we learn through and by our parents and by others. We learn by our surroundings. We learn by our society. We learn by our experiences. Whether what we learn is positive or negative, it's all subjective.

This thought isn't just focused on racial injustice, although there is that. This thought is focused beyond that, on our own perspectives. Every single one of us views this world through our own, unique lens. Nobody has the same view. And that view is influenced. Whether that influence is from God or the adversary. Whether that influence is from people we trust, or don't trust. Whether that influence is from what we listen to, or pay attention to, or even see or hear on social media and on TV. Everything we experience plays a role in the picture we see. And that picture, that view, is constantly adapting.

Point is, there are so many voices vying for our attention, whether we intentionally give it or not. They are there. They just are. Our job is to figure out which voices to listen to, which to intentionally pay attention to.

Our job is to see beyond our own view. Our job is to look beyond those scotomas blocking that view. Our job is to view the world as God views it. Our job is to expand our view, our picture, and widen our lens. Our job is to somehow become childlike again, not childish, but childlike, in how we see the truth, reality, and this world. That is, why we're here on earth. That is our purpose.

I know of One, who has the complete picture, who has the most positive influence, who sees everything and everyone from His lens of pure love, compassion, complete justice, absolute mercy, all power, total understanding, and other Godlike qualities. It is Him who we need to trust, who we need to emulate, who we need to follow, who we need to friend. His voice is the one we need to find and intentionally listen to.

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