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May 31, 2020 - God is truth!

Then heed the words of truth and light
That flow from fountains pure.
Yea, keep His law with all thy might
Till thine election’s sure,
Till thou shalt hear the holy voice
Assure eternal reign,
While joy and cheer attend thy choice,
As one who shall obtain.

Verse 4 of "Come, Listen To A Prophet's Voice" , Hymn 21. Words by Bruce R. McConkie

We sang this hymn during sacrament while I'm up here with mom and dad. Mom pointed out after closing, the power and significance of this last verse. We didn't realize that Elder McConkie wrote the words to this one verse. He has a way of emanating spiritual power through his writing and speaking.

We sang this hymn after we watched a video of President Nelson speaking at BYU. He spoke of 5 truths. 1) we are sons and daughters of God. 2) truth is truth. 3) God loves each of us perfectly. 4) the Lord calls prophets and apostles to communicate His love and teach His laws. 5) we may know for ourselves what is true and what is not by learning to discern the whisperings of the Spirit.

President Nelson has been called to teach God's law to us. To teach us the truth, not just what sounds right, or what makes sense in our finite minds. Certainly not what we see or read on social media or the internet. There is only truth and deception that imitates truth. God is truth. He will not and cannot deceive us. Or He ceases to be God. We can trust in that.

As the first line in verse 4 reads, "then heed the words of truth and light", that flow from pure sources, then if we keep those laws and follow those truths, our election is sure. Our election is SURE!

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