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May 30, 2020 - Begin with the end in mind

As you edify yourselves with education for the eternities, search the scriptures. Liken them unto you. Learn the law in the kingdom of your own activity. Use the standard works as literal standards of eternal excellence against which you measure every thought and deed.
Begin with the end in mind. Shape your own destiny. Remember that the development of your career, your family, and your faith in God is your individual responsibility—for which you alone will be held accountable.

President Russell M. Nelson, "Begin with the End in Mind", BYU Speeches, September 30, 1984

Something I have always tried to do throughout my life is to create and accomplish goals. Many times, many times, I don't accomplish my goals. I have grand ideals of what I want to accomplish but actually accomplishing those ideals is difficult.

However, with Christ, all things are possible. I can accomplish these ideals if I let Christ help me. He won't unless I prove that these ideals are a priority. Sometimes, they aren't a priority for me. I know that's my problem. When I want to lose 40 pounds, I won't by sneaking a treat everyday, or by eating what I know are the wrong things. It's not really a priority for me then.

When I focus on important ideals and when I'm yoked with Christ, then I can accomplish these things. I have no doubt.

The end that we are supposed to be thinking of when we begin is with Christ and Heavenly Father right by our side. That is the only "end" that is truly worthwhile. And the ultimate goal that we should be striving for is eternal life, the life that Heavenly Father lives. And as we begin with Christ with us, we will reach the end we are striving for, whatever goal that is.

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