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May 3, 2020 - Ask, and ye shall receive

In your relationship with your Father in Heaven, you must ask in order to receive. Members of the Church have a tendency to be too general in their petitions to God (e.g., please bless, please help). You should resolve to be more specific in your request, expressing much more specifically the desires for which you are striving. Being more specific in prayers on a regular basis enhances the chance that your prayers will become earnest and sustained by faith.

Grant Von Harrison, "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven", 1979

Many times, I am too general in my petitions to God in prayer. I ask Him to watch over my family, my children, loved ones, etc. I even ask Him to watch over my children by name. But I feel, still, that that is too general.

In order to use my faith as a principle of power, there are 4 steps that are required:

1. Select righteous desires and goals.

2. Plead your case before the Lord as to why you have selected this righteous desire. Be specific.

3. Exert yourself mentally. Think about your desire. Ponder it in your heart. Control and direct your thoughts so that you are showing Heavenly Father that you are serious about achieving this.

4. Sustain your efforts. Exert yourself mentally for weeks, for months. Petition the Lord constantly until the desire is fulfilled. Keep asking. Keep knocking. Persistence shows the Lord how badly you need this.

Going back to step #1, if you are selecting a desire righteously, meaning with the help of the Spirit, then you already are selecting something that is in line with God's will and then you can call down the powers of heaven in helping you achieve it.

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