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May 28, 2020 - The divine method

Answers to the primary questions [is there a God? Did Christ die for me? Is the Church true? - the most important questions] do not come by answering the secondary questions. There are answers to the secondary questions, but you cannot prove a positive by disproving every negative. You cannot prove the Church is true by disproving every claim made against it. That will never work. It is a flawed strategy. Ultimately there has to be affirmative proof, and with the things of God, affirmative proof finally and surely comes by revelation through the spirit and power of the Holy Ghost.

Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge, "Stand Forever", BYU Speeches, January 22, 2019

There are 4 ways to learn. Namely the scientific method, the analytic method, the academic method, and the divine method. The divine method, of course, uses the powers of heaven and the Spirit. And, it can also include the other three methods.

So many people in society try to prove that this gospel is false by proving that some aspects of it are false. They work hard at it too sometimes. We know who is behind all that. People may not agree with something in the church or have heard something, therefore, they try to discredit or defame the entire gospel or truth within it.

But those things are secondary. One cannot disprove the reality of God, which is primary. They can only disprove the evidence, or their perception of the evidence, of Him.

One cannot disprove the reality that this is His church on earth. They can only discredit what they hear, or read...or perceive.

Once we know, for ourselves, by the divine method of learning, the answers to the primary questions in life, all the secondary questions we may have will not be as important. We may know the answers to them but those answers will not influence our knowledge or our belief of the primary questions.

Instead of focusing on getting answers to our secondary questions, we should be focusing on our knowledge of the primary questions and truths. Everything else will fall into place.

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