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May 26, 2021 - His Hands

During painful times, somehow, I think about Jesus. The scars in His hands are the proof of His suffering and pain. Even though He was resurrected and has a perfect body, He decided to keep His scars. I think this is because He wanted to show that He is the Savior—our Savior. But I believe that He decided to keep His scars because He wants us to know that He also suffered and experienced so much pain. I feel as if He tells me, 'I love each one of you so much that I was willing to become one of you, to show each of you that I was willing to take on your sufferings so that I could feel fully your pain and identify with each of you.'

Niwako Yamawaki, "An Immigrant’s Journey Toward God", BYU Speeches, May 4, 2021

I used to wonder how Christ could have scars on His hands and feet if He were resurrected with a perfect body. Afterall, a perfect body of flesh and bones has no imperfections. And scars are imperfections.

I also, on a side note, used to wonder if, after the Final Judgement, those scars will go away. He is omnipotent afterall.

Anyway, I also used to wonder why, if we have to walk by faith in this life, would the Savior have to "prove" who He is and what He did by showing His scars. Miracles come AFTER the trial of faith, right? Seeing isn't believing, rather believing is seeing.

The way I understand it, He isn't proving anything with His scars. Faith is still how we need to operate. Rather, He is showing empathy to us. He is not showing that He is better than us. He is showing that He suffered like all of us are suffering, and struggling. Granted, His suffering was a complete sum of everyone's suffering and pain and heartache and sorrow and regret, including those from other worlds that He created.

Also, please realize that He shows those scars to them that believe, so believing is definitely seeing.

I still don't truly understand what He went through. And His scars could be a way of me understanding better. But, His scars are only scars from the cross. What about His suffering in the Garden? Are there scars from that too? He overcame physical death shown by His physical scars, and they are visible for all and that is a gift for all. He also overcame spiritual death, but that gift is only for those who seek to improve, who really want to live with Him again, and maybe those "scars" are only visible to those seekers. Maybe a way for Him to show empathy to the one and not to the whole? Food for thought.

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