May 24, 2021 - God don't make no junk

This poster, this quote, stuck with me. It left an impression in my head. I pondered on it for a while.

Think about it.....everything not-so-good we experience, every negative obstacle we pass over (or try to) is not from Heavenly Father. Nothing negative comes from Him. It cannot. It simply defies celestial laws.

Perfection cannot yield imperfection. Perfection cannot go backwards or forwards. That's the very definition of perfection.

So, as a spiritual creation of Heavenly Father, Perfection Himself, we are perfect. He cannot make "junk". He literally cannot do it. It goes against who He is. He would cease being God if He did.

Now, the imperfections we experience, the negativity thrust upon is the result of entering into mortality. It's the result of the Fall of Adam. However, if he didn't fall, we wouldn't even exist on this earth in the first place. Because of Adam, we were able to enter mortality, this part of the Plan of Salvation. Not because he made a huge mistake, but for the opportunity to align the imperfect with the perfect.

And the purpose of this part of the Plan is to make those imperfect, mortal bodies, align closer to our perfect, God created spirits. Most of the time, our mortal tendencies win. And that's just how it tends to happen. That's why we are here. Nothing wrong with that. But, we need to be inching ever closer to perfection, to our "true" potential. We have to want to. We have to try to. Sometimes all we can make are strides no longer than an inch. But, then we are moving in the right direction. That's all we need to focus on. Moving in the right direction, no matter how slow our progress. Getting better. Inch by inch. Little by little.

There is One who paid the price so that we can even have the possibility to align the imperfect with the perfect. Adam fell so that I could be born into this imperfect body and Christ atoned so that I could align this imperfect body with my God created spirit and live, eventually, as a perfect being with both body and spirit. That's why we're here.

God don't make no junk. Remember that.

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