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May 23, 2020 - May devastating storms be kept a far off

Our Father, may peace abide in all the homes of thy Saints; may holy angels guard them; may they be encompassed by thine arms of love; may prosperity shine upon them, and may the tempter and the destroyer be removed far from them. May the days of thy covenant people be lengthened out in righteousness, and sickness and disease be rebuked from their midst. May the land they inhabit be made fruitful by thy grace, may its waters be increased and the climate be tempered to the comfort and need of thy people; may drought, devastating storms, cyclones, and hurricanes be kept afar off, and earthquakes never disturb the land which thou hast given us. May locusts, caterpillars and other insects not destroy our gardens and desolate our fields; but may we be a people blessed of thee in our bodies and spirits, in our homes and habitations, in our flocks and herds, in ourselves and our posterity, and in all that thou hast made us stewards over.

President Wilford Woodruff, Prayer offered by President Wilford Woodruff at the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple, April 6, 1893

There are many petitions to the Lord in this dedicatory prayer offered by President Woodruff. Many of those have been and are being answered.

As I read through this, I inserted my own name, or read it as if President Woodruff was petitioning the Lord for me directly and individually, and as a family.

Thus far, I and my family have been blessed with many of these petitions to date. We have enjoyed prosperity, the tempter has been moved far off, (though he still has reach when we let him), we have enjoyed the fruit of the land, we have clean water, we have comfort, we haven't passed through severe storms and earthquakes. We are, indeed, blessed. We have challenges, we go through tragedies, and we suffer and struggle. But we are blessed nonetheless.

I know that other blessings are in store as we keep our covenants with the Lord. The blessings are there waiting for us to do our part. The devastating storms of life can be kept a far off.

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