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May 22, 2021 - The Light

When things don't happen the way you want, when you think it's too late, remember: Darkness can't keep the light from breaking through.

David Butler, "The Unexpected Deliverer", Deseret Book 2021

It's interesting to be in complete darkness in a room, etc., and then to see a faint light appear, and then to ponder the reason why that faint light can even be seen. Why wouldn't the immense darkness, which is absolutely more expansive than a small light, overtake that light and extinguish it?

Think about it....the darkness is 100% in the existence of the space, then a light, no more than .000001% of the available space, appears, and yet it can penetrate the near 100% darkness. Why is that? That's like lifting a hundred millions times your own body weight. I don't say anything is absolutely impossible, but it is very, very near to it, at least in the realm of pure physics.

That thought goes to show you the sheer strength and power of a little, faint light. Now imagine if that light filled 100% of the space so there is no darkness? What power! I can't even comprehend the magnitude of that power.

That power, that light, is Jesus Christ. He can penetrate that darkest of spaces in your life, in my life. Nothing can extinguish Him, His light. Nothing.

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