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May 21, 2021 - Reach Out

I’m not perfect. I’m repenting, and Jesus atones for my sins and shortcomings. His grace is enough; I don’t need to keep beating myself up. It’s not all up to me-I am working together with him.

John Hilton III, "Considering The Cross", Deseret Book 2021

Many times, I get overwhelmed because of my weakness, that fact that I am mortal. Granted, I know this part of the plan comes with the fact that I am human. I have to go through this. This is how I get a body of flesh and bones. I know I shouted for joy when I was given the opportunity to go through this. In some mental states, I wonder what's so joyful about this. 🙂

But it's not easy, by any means. I have natural tendencies. I know I am here to overcome those tendencies. But it can be very overwhelming. Some days, I feel like I am wading through a storm. Some days, I feel like my boat is going to sink. I get distracted by all the happenings around me and I start sinking.

It takes tremendous trust in the Lord to reach out and ask Him to help me. But He will and He does. He calms whatever storms arise. He brings peace to my mind and soul. He brings comfort. He brings strength. He brings compassion.

All I have to do is ask for His help. Sometimes my pride doesn't allow that and I have to consciously reach out. But when I do, it's an incredible difference.

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