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May 19, 2020 - Chaos can be organized

Figuring everything out in our lives can seem impossible when we’re surrounded by chaos. But hold on to this truth: every beautiful creation in this universe began with a state of chaos, or unorganized matter. Chaos that eventually became organized and put into order through the power of God (see Genesis 1). And this is the point in time when we are beginning to organize our chaotic lives to create the kind of life we want to have—hopefully a life of service, discipleship, and joy.

Chakell Wardleigh, "When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing", Ensign, April 2020

Two things stand out to me as I read this. One, before being organized into order and into a divine system, God's system, everything was disorganized. Everything was in commotion, confusion, but it existed. Things that happen in our lives, things that happen to us, are real. They exist. They are disorganized. They are in commotion. They are confusing. But they can be organized into order, into a perfect system.

The second thing that stood out is that only God's power can organize the messes we have surrounding us, that we find ourselves in. This power of God is the Priesthood. Our chaos can be organized. Only the Priesthood can put it together. And through our partnership with Christ, using the Priesthood, is the only way it can be organized.

And we know what He can do with chaos! We're living on it. We experience, sometimes, that perfect order of spiritual matter.

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