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May 17, 2021 - Strengthen Your Defences

We cannot change the evil influences that inevitably press upon us and our families, but we can increase our power to deal with them. We must try to carve out our own islands of serenity and strengthen our barriers against the forces that besiege us in our protected spaces. In short, we should push back against the world.

President Dallin H. Oaks, "In The Hands of The Lord: The Life of Dallin H. Oaks", Deseret Book 2021

When I read this, I thought of several examples of how seemingly unimpressive items have become stronger over time, thereby allowing greater protection. Football helmuts are one example. A while ago, helmuts that were supposed to protect your head consisted of just mere leather, wrapped around your head and ears.

What could that possibly protect us from? Wearing that will not stop the hits from coming. It will not tell the adversary to go easy so as not to harm us (quite the opposite actually. He doesn't play fair at all).

Over time, helmuts have improved. They have become stronger. They protect better than ever before. There will still be injury to the head, even if every precaution is taken. The opponent in the game will not let up. They are coached to win.

So it is with the adversary, even Satan, we face every single day. We need to strengthen our spiritual helmuts, and all the rest of our armor, to protect us from the violent hits, the violent blows, and everything else heaved at us.

The adversary won't ease up if our armor is weak. In fact, those weaker spots in the armor is exactly where he focuses his attack. He is cunning, he's a cheap shot, he's unfair, and he's determined to win, even though he won't.

So, those weaker spots in the armor is where we need to strengthen up and fortify.

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