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May 16, 2021 - Lead Me, Guide Me

Too often it seems easier to assume we already know what the revelations mean, and even easier to not care in the first place. But how tragic it would be for the Savior to have spoken and for us to treat his words casually.

Steven C. Harper, "Making Sense of the Doctrine & Covenants", Deseret Book 2020

I sometimes think of what and how the Savior feels when I treat His words as insignificant, not very important, or casual. I don't intend to do that, but I do sometimes. The fact that I tell myself, when I'm tired or not feeling up to it, that I just can't find time to study the scriptures or pray, implies to Him that His words and His truth is of lesser importance.

Also, how does He feel when He's guiding me constantly, telling me which direction to go, but I'm either not listening to Him or I think that I know better. How frustrating for Him. Not because He wants to say "I told you so", but because of His complete love for me. He knows that by heeding Him, I will make it home. But by not heeding Him, I have no chance to get back.

He knows that. He knows that not everyone will make it back as well. That's has to hurt Him. I have 3 kids and the fact that even just 1 of them might get lost, just breaks my heart. I would be totally devastated. I can't imagine what He must be going through.

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