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May 12, 2022 - Exercise

[A]s we move toward true faith in Jesus Christ, our mindset begins to change. We recognize that obedience and faith in the Savior qualify us to have His Spirit always to be with us. Obedience is no longer an irritant but becomes a quest. We recognize that obedience to God’s commands enables us to be trusted of Him. With His trust comes increased light. This light guides our journey and allows us to see more clearly the path we should take.

Larry S. Karcher, "Ladder of Faith", General Conference, April 2022

Sometimes I question whether my efforts are worth the energy. It is those exact moments that I must do something that exercises my faith.

As we need daily exercise of our physical muscles, like weight lifting, or cardio, or just walking and moving, we also need to exercise our spiritual muscles. Whether that's immersion in the scriptures, General Conference talks, reading an inspirational book, or just praying and pondering. As we exercise spiritually, our mindset, our priorities, even our character changes to be more in line with the Savior.

Point is, we cannot afford to "let ourselves go" spiritually. It is so much more important to exercise spiritually than it is to exercise our physical bodies, even though that is also important. It is not just vital for this earthly life, but it is also vital for our eternity.

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