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May 12, 2021 - Momentum

If you want to have a wonderful life, a life filled with momentum and optimism and accomplishments, remove contention from your mind and heart, from your conversations and relationships, from your home and from your workplace.

Sister Wendy Nelson, University of Utah Graduation Convocation, May 7, 2021

The word "contention" means more than just fighting or arguing. It also means to contend or be in a rivalry. However, it also means being against difficulties, or to struggle.

We all struggle. We all have challenges and difficulties. But, what Sister Nelson is saying is to not let those struggles consume our focus. Struggles will always be there. But, removing them from our focus and feelings, will allow us to feel peace.

Removing contention isn't about using willpower to do so. It is not about "well you must not have really wanted it, or you didn't try hard enough" if you can't do it. As if we aren't strong or focused enough if we fail.

Removing contention is about "heart power". It's about putting your focus on Christ. Learn about Him. Listen to His words. Through doing that, through Him, we can find comfort, strength, and joy. Then, there is no room for contention.

Funny thing, too, about momentum is it allows us to move faster in either direction. Towards the adversary or towards Christ. I know which direction I want go.

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