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May 11, 2021 - High-Definition View

My own experiences with darkness, and light, have changed the way I see myself, and [others]. When we can look at people and situations as good or bad, and we don't have any reason or life circumstance to challenge that way of thinking, black and white thinking works for us. But what if we were to enhance our view? What if we were to see in color? [What if we were to see beyond just color, in High-Definition?]
We can all enhance our view of the people and situations life brings us. As we strive for High-Definition thinking, where people make both good and bad decisions. Where life is both happy and sad at times. In my mind, the greatest example of this [way of seeing] is Jesus Christ.

Julie Lee, "I Told Myself I Would Never Become Depressed", Hope Works,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, May 11, 2021

The invention of the television, in 1927, changed the lives of americans. Granted, it was only in black and white, but we didn't know any better, so this invention was amazing. It was a technological marvel. Moving pictures! Life would never be the same. Then, in 1954, came another technological marvel, that of making those moving pictures appear in color. What a complete difference, right (I wasn't there so I really can't speak to it)?

Then again, in 1998, another technological marvel for the television... the invention of High Definition. Those images now were so bright and clear and crisp. It's like being there not just watching on a screen.

Point is, that sometimes we see others in black and white instead of color, because we don't know any better or because that is our experience, what we've been taught, up until now. We almost always just have a limited view, a view that is here and now. A view based on outward appearance, what we can see. A view from far away, not a view up close and personal. That limited view leads to errors in judgment and incorrect reactions.

We almost always see ourselves in that way, in black and white, at least I do. That leads to inappropriate judgements about ourselves.

So let's enhance our view. Let's see others and ourselves in color. Even better, let's see others and ourselves in High-Definition. Let's go beyond just color. The Savior sees every person in High-Definition and we can too. He sees me in High-Definition and I should see myself that way too. That will help me enhance my view of everyone else in the process.

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