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May 1, 2021 - Don't Break

As we turn to our Savior, remember Him in all our thoughts and actions, and strive to follow His commandments, His light can guide us, His love can comfort us, and His power can enable us to do what we cannot do by ourselves.

Reyna I. Aburto, "Reaching For The Savior", Deseret Book 2021

There is so much opposition and negativity in this world. There is so much that's concerns us, that worries us, that stresses us out. We may sometimes think that we are strong enough mentally to handle that.

Granted, some of us are very much strong enough to handle a lot of this. Stronger than I am anyway.

But there comes a point, a breaking point if you will, that we can handle it no longer. We breakdown. We lose it in some cases. We give up.

We should not wait until we get to that point. Imagine going through life with minimal stress, minimal anxiety, minimal fear, if any at all.

That is what the Savior does. If we lean on Him, His strength will minimize our worries and load, even remove them altogether. He has the power to do so. All we need to do is trust Him. It is absolutely possible to live life worry free, stress free, fear free. It is. It all depends on our level of discipline to be Christlike.

We can absolutely do anything with Him and His power, not our own, but His.

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