March 9, 2022 - Layer Upon Layer

Learning about the Savior is rarely an overnight experience — for some people, it is quite dramatic, but for most of us, we step line upon line, experience by experience, blessing upon blessing, revelation upon revelation.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, Missionary Devotional, Provo MTC, March 8, 2022

Sometimes we are expecting a glorious, dramatic, or majestic experience, like what Joseph Smith experienced many times with heavenly visitations, even from God, the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

But, for the huge majority of us, God works by giving us little by little. We will have small and simple experiences that will add layer upon layer, like the sedimentary layers of a majestic rock.

And these small experiences, I would venture to say, are happening to us all the time. It's just that sometimes, even most times, we aren't paying attention or listening.

So my objective is to remember that God is trying to talk to me and guide me.... I just need to pay attention and listen. I need to hear Him better and more.

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