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March 6, 2021 - Appreciate what we have

In this life, we are here that we might have joy. On other days, we are made partakers of “misery and woe.” Sometimes we have 2 Nephi 2:25 days, and sometimes we have Moses 6:48 days. But without the misery and woe days, we might not appreciate the days of joy! That’s one of the lessons and one of the fruits of “opposition in all things” (2 Nephi 2:11).

John Bytheway, "Born This Happy Morning", Deseret Book 2020

Think about this for a do we know what a really good steak tastes like? How do we know what a perfect sunny day feels like? How do we know what a refreshing shower feels like? How do we know what peace and quiet feels like?

Because we've experienced the complete opposite at some point.

And, unfortunately, those unpleasant experiences in life are absolutely necessary to show us what a pleasant experience feels like. We need to be shown the clouds to appreciate the sun. We all have unpleasant experiences. There is no getting around them.

The goal, though, is to remain pleasant amidst unpleasant surroundings and occurrences in life. That's hard to do sometimes. Well, most of the time, especially when the weight of those unpleasant occurrences are pushing down hard on top of you. We can't remain pleasant by ourselves.

For some reason, it is human nature to take the little things, like breathable air, or clean water, or just the ability to walk unassisted or walk at all, for granted....that is until those little things are taken away.

But....when those little things are returned, we absolutely appreciate them more and take them for granted less...that's the hope, anyway.

That's why we go through hard, difficult things... to appreciate more and take for granted less. That's why we're here in mortality. We need to learn to remember from what source those little things come from. And we need to thank Him always for them while we have them, and ask Him to continually support us in this journey when He takes those little things away momentarily.

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