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March 5, 2020 – Winning our daily battles

“[B]ecause of the wave of confusion and doubt spreading throughout the world today, we must hold ever more tightly to our testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then will our ability to defend truth and justice greatly increase. We will win the daily battles against evil, and, rather than fall on the battlefields of life, we will rally others to the Master’s standards.”

  1. Elder Ulisses Soares, “Yes, We Can and Will Win!”, General Conference, April 2015

Some times I feel like I am losing my battles. Not just against sin or transgressions per se, but all the foibles of mortality. At times, I am only absorbed in my weaknesses. I try and try, but I fall many times, flat on my face. I am fighting a war spiritually, I am fighting a war physically (not engaged in actual war against nations but against my physical self), I am fighting mentally.

Then I realize that I am only focused on the losses, because I’m being selfish and prideful. I’m only focused on when I fall on my face as opposed to all the times I walk upright and confident. In reality, I am winning my battles so much more than I am losing them. Hence, I am winning the war. The fact that I get up after falling is testament to my abilities (with Christ helping and encouraging, of course) even though sometimes I want stay down and rest.

Isn’t that how life goes though? We are only concerned about the bad that happens to us and we forget the good. We have to consciously force ourselves to “count our many blessings”. Even though we may be being forged by the refiner’s fire, Christ is, and always will be, right there in the flames with us.

In fact, the Lord is right by our side even if we can’t, or refuse to, see Him. He can’t lose. He won’t lose. When we are yoked with Him, we can’t and won’t lose as well. Why then, is it so difficult sometimes to stay in the harness? The more we stay, the easier it gets. I’ve said it before, the more we focus on strengthening our testimonies, our abilities to walk upright and confident will increase. Then we will do it for longer each and every time between falls. One day, long after this life, we will stop falling, even stumbling.


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