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March 30, 2022 - Get In

When the world tips, like the Titanic did, some people start looking for a lifeboat. Jesus Christ and His Church are the lifeboat. You are in a wonderful position to help others find what they have been missing before it is too late. Don’t go back to the Titanic. Stay in the lifeboat where you can find safety, strength, and the opportunity to help others join you.

Bradley R. Wilcox, "Stay In The Lifeboat", For the Strength of Youth, April 2022

Many people didn't believe that the Titanic could actually sink. It was an unsinkable ship they understood and believed. It wasn't until the Titanic tipped to one side and started to flood that they realized they needed to get to the lifeboats. But, by then, it was too late.

The world couldn't possibly "sink", right? It's unsinkable. Maybe that was our thinking before the whole Covid mess. Covid was definitely an iceberg out of nowhere. Maybe we think that we are okay now.....we made it through Covid and we're fine. Complacency is starting to set in again.

Are we fine though?

Maybe we need to head to the lifeboats anyway. And stay there once we get there. Then help others get onboard too. We don't know what's coming. Perhaps we think it can't be worse than Covid, right?

Maybe it will be. Who knows, except God. Maybe it's not only a physical attack, but also an economic and political attack that hits us. Look at what's happening in the Ukraine. We may think that it's too far away to have any meaning in our lives. That's probably the sentiment that the Ukrainian people felt until it happened too.

What I'm saying is that let's get in the lifeboat. If we're there already, let's stay there. Then, when the world sinks, we will be okay. We will still be floating on top of the icy cold water.....dry and alive.

Jesus Christ (and His Church) is the lifeboat. He is the Way

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