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March 3, 2020 – The heavens are open

“The First Vision shows us that the heavens are open. God listens to our prayers. He reveals Himself and His Son to us. The Holy Ghost speaks to the hearts of those who are prepared to hear and feel the still, small voice. We can pass those lessons and that message on to those we love and who will follow us.”

  1. President Henry B. Eyring, “The First Vision: A Pattern for Personal Revelation”, 200 Years of Light: 1820–2020, February 2020

When I think on the events that unfolded in that Sacred Grove, 200 years ago, I think of the plan that was established long before the earth was created. I used to think it was a singular event that commenced the restoration. When, in fact, an untold number of events were aligned and executed by our Heavenly Father up until that final event.

Heavenly Father was and is in control of all events that take place. He knew what kind of people the Prophet’s father and mother, grandparents, and great grandparents, etc., were and how they would firmly solidify the character traits and genetics of Joseph Smith. Heavenly Father knew how the blood line needed to go. In fact, He knew full well how Joseph would act, react, and how seriously he would take his responsibility, long, long before Adam was even on this earth.

Just think about all the events that had to transpire to lead up to this one miraculous event. Heavenly Father indeed knows every minute detail of each of us. He knows each strand of hair we have. He knows how we think, how we act, our tendencies, our motivations, our desires and wants, and He certainly knows how we will respond to situations that haven’t even happened yet. Sometimes I think, “well, I would normally do this, but I’ll do it this way instead”, as if I’m throwing off a chain of events that would forever alter my reality. Fact is, the Lord knew that I would choose to do that even though I didn’t. I cannot trick Him. Not that I try.

So, He knew Joseph Smith would move to New York before Joseph’s dad did. He knew Joseph would have questions and need guidance and forgiveness. He even knew Satan would be there to try and thwart Joseph. He also knew how Joseph would react to an unforeseen power that would bind his tongue.

I am learning to trust that the Lord knows my life. He has a plan for it. I don’t know what that is. But I am learning to give up control and trust that He does. It’s hard to do though. I most likely will never experience such a spectacular event like the vision of Joseph Smith, but everything was and is being aligned for my own good and great experiences and learning.


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