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March 29, 2022 - Distractions

I leave you with an invitation to ponder the direction of your life. Determine if you are doing the things on a daily basis that will truly lead you to where you want to go or who you want to become. Determine what distractions you need to give up to truly come to the Savior and to follow Him. Then do those things, and I testify that as you do them daily, you will achieve all that God wants you to achieve.

Kelly R. Johnson, "Conquering Life’s Daily Distractions", BYU Speeches, March 15, 2022

One of Satan's biggest tools to keep our focus away from God and His Plan, is to distract us. He even distracts us using good things but that keeps us from doing the best things.

We may go throughout our day NOT doing bad things. We may be good people. But does that really matter if we don't do those things that will allow us to reach eternal life? We need to be good people, don't get me wrong. We NEED to love our neighbor. But....we NEED to love God first.

We need to do good things, but we have to do better and the best things too. Reading an inspirational book is good. But reading the scriptures is best.

If we want to achieve eternal life, then we need to do those things daily that help us achieve eternal life. Wanting it is not enough.

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