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March 29, 2021 - Look Outwards

There is no shortage of suffering in this world, inside the Church and out, so look in any direction and you will find someone whose pain seems too heavy to bear and whose heartache seems never to end. One way to “always remember him” would be to join the Great Physician in His never-ending task of lifting the load from those who are burdened and relieving the pain of those who are distraught.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Behold the Lamb of God", General Conference, April 2019

Can you just imagine the atmosphere that was taking place around that table during what we now call "the last supper"? Christ knew He was going to suffer (although He didn't know quite yet how, excruciating it would be). He knew it was going to be difficult. He knew He was going to die. Yet, was He concerned with what He would be going through? No, He STILL served others.

He knew He would die for me!

He knew He would die for you!

He wouldn't have done it if we didn't absolutely and unequivocally need Him to.

So, let's remember those around us, especially in sacrament meeting, who absolutely and unequivocally need Him and His comfort, His help, and how we could be His instruments to offer that comfort, that help.

Sacrament meeting is a time for pondering, for reverence, for awe, for wonder, for gratitude for what Christ did for us that final week on this earth, especially those final hours.

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