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March 27, 2021 - The Holy Ghost

Under the influence of the Holy Ghost, I see things in the scriptures that I might not otherwise see. Passages seem to jump off the page for my consideration. I also feel the influence of the Holy Ghost when I gain a new or deeper insight into a verse of scripture. These experiences cause me to rejoice. I feel joy and peace. My testimony grows.

Mark L. Pace, "His Sheep Still Hear His Voice", BYU Speeches, March 16, 2021

Everything we have learned from the Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us that we would not know that truth if it were not for the Holy Ghost.

And everything we do would not be possible if it weren't for the power of Jesus Christ. And how is that power passed to us? By the Holy Ghost. He testifies to us of the truth. He is the door that opens for us to receive the power of Christ.

We know from President Nelson that it will not be possible to survive spiritually with the Holy Ghost with us.

He teaches us truth, then our testimony grows. He comforts us, then we feel at peace. He helps us endure, which gives us strength. He provides a conduit to the power of Christ, which gives us everything we could possibly need.

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