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March 23, 2021 - Can you hear me now?

We will be injured in our journey through this life—it is an essential part of our learning process here. This is not because the Lord is unwilling to spare us pain. Rather, He is unwilling to shield us from those moments that will cause us to reach to Him, when He alone can be our strength and solace.

Tom Christofferson, "A Better Heart", Deseret Book 2020

Its difficult to truly understand, to really grasp, that our hardships are essentially a blessing. The Lord loves us so much that He allows us to go through trials and hardships. If He didn't care, then life would be easy.

In those moments, we shouldn't complain, we shouldn't be negative, or worse, turn bitter. We should understand these trials and challenges for what they opportunity to lean closer to God for His help, His love, His support, and His presence.

In my humble opinion, we are never closer to God, than when we are suffering through something and turn to Him. He is always there but the veil seems thinner in those moments.

Next time you pray, visualize God right next to you with His hand on your shoulder. He is not far away on the other end of the Heavenly phone call. He is right next to you.

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