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March 22, 2022 - Simple Choice

My brothers and sisters, it is my promise to you that increasing your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will bring you added strength and greater hope. For you, the righteous, the Healer of our souls, in His time and His way, will heal all your wounds. No injustice, no persecution, no trial, no sadness, no heartache, no suffering, no wound—however deep, however wide, however painful—will be excluded from the comfort, peace, and lasting hope of Him whose open arms and whose wounded hands will welcome us back into His presence.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "Wounded", General Conference, October 2018

Most of us know the story of the 2,000 of Helaman's young warriors. They went to fight because of a covenant their parents made not to fight. Well, we know by reading the scriptures, that not a single one of them perished in battle.... "because of their exceeding faith". reading the next sentence, not one of them was not wounded in some way, and most of them were extremely wounded.

I say this because we came to earth to go into battle...this battle of mortality. In this battle of life, not one of is exempt from being wounded, whether physically or spiritually, or both. We will get battle scars. We will bruise. We will hurt. That's part of life.

The ONLY question, is whether we will strengthen our faith or not to survive this life or not. It's that simple. I didn't say that it's easy but the choice is simple.

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