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March 22, 2021 - The dots will connect

His refining light saturates our souls. His grace uplifts us. Our burdens are lightened, our peace deepened. When we truly behold the Man, we have the promise of a blessed future that inspires and upholds us through the bends and bumps in life’s journey. Looking back, we will recognize that there is a divine pattern, that the dots really connect.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Behold, the Man!", General Conference, April 2018

Today is a special day, for several reasons. But, today would've been my Grandpa Adams' 100th birthday. His example, his life, still teaches me. He was a great man.

And, as my grandpa did throughout his life, I try to also celebrate the life of Jesus Christ every day, but especially as Easter approaches.

I am working every day to "behold the Man". What does that mean exactly?

As Elder Uchtdorf says in this talk, to Behold the Man, means to learn of Christ. Who was He? Who is He? What did He do? What does He do for me? Then, as I learn more about Him, I need to emulate what I learn, or try to emulate Him.

Sometimes, many times, I will fall short. In these instances, I need to repent and change so that my life is more in line with His. Over and over, as I change, sometimes for the zillionth time, I will eventually be like Him.

I gotta say though, that there will be many, many, many course corrections until I get it right. long as I am trying to get it right, I will be okay. One day, ALL these dots will connect.

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