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March 21, 2021 - Face the heat

Meanwhile, how can there be refining fires without heat? Or greater patience without some instructive waiting? How can we develop empathy without first bearing one another’s burdens? Not only that burdens may be lightened, but that we may thereby be enlightened by developing greater empathy. How can we increase individual faith without some customized uncertainty? How can we learn to live in cheerful security without some insecurity? How can there be later magnification without some present deprivation? Except we are thus tutored, how else shall we grow spiritually to become the men and women of Christ?

Elder Neil A. Maxwell, "The Children of Christ", BYU Speeches, February 4, 1990

Our entire purpose on this earth is to learn to be and then start becoming like Jesus Christ. He is the only example of what we need to be. He is perfect. We must be likewise, although that will not fully happen here on this earth, in this life, but we absolutely need to start working toward that end now.

And that progress will not happen if we do not face opposition. We can't climb up mountains, and feel accomplished when we do, if there are no mountains in front of us. We must go through the refiner's fire. We must face the heat. When we overcome that heat with Christ by our side, we feel empowered, we feel gratitude, we feel, that with Christ, we can do anything.

Then, we are elevated a bit higher. Then we are ready to climb another but higher mountain, or go through an even hotter fire. For, with Christ, we can do anything. And as we climb each mountain, or face and conquer incredibly debilitating heat, we grow. We learn. We are more humble. We are stronger. We are more like Christ.

That is our purpose here.

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