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March 2, 2022 - Closer to Christ

Easter celebrates the most joyous event in the history of the world, an event that I draw continual hope from. The examples of believers and cultures all around the world have reminded me to make my celebration meaningful with thoughtful preparation and to devote more time to drawing closer to God. And most importantly, they have reminded me why we celebrate this holiday and how it can bring us closer to Christ.

Hannah Mortenson, "Learning about Christian Traditions Made Easter More Meaningful to Me", Liahona, March 2021

Do we truly understand and appreciate these holidays we pass through? Or is it just some time off of work or an excuse to eat candy or another treat?

This year Easter falls on April 17. For many christians outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they acknowledge "Lent", in which they give up something for 40 days before Easter. They sacrifice something in order to be closer to Christ. This is symbolic of the 40 days that the Savior spent fasting.

Lent begins on March 8. Maybe, in a way, we can sacrifice something for these 40 days so that we can be closer to Christ. Maybe we sacrifice social media til Easter. Or maybe we sacrifice consuming sugar. It could be anything but it shouldn't be easy.

Alternatively, instead of sacrificing, or even in conjunction with sacrificing, we add something to our routine for 40 days. Maybe we commit to reading a good, inspiring book. Maybe we commit to 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Could be anything, but it should be something that brings us closer to Christ.

The point is to come closer to Christ by sacrificing or adding something to our daily routines....or do both, sacrifice doing something and then adding something else that is Christ centered. It should about Him. Every day should be about Him.

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