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March 19, 2021 - Walk A Mile

There is no grading curve: for one to gain eternal life does not mean that another one, or one thousand, must receive a lesser glory.

Tom Christofferson, A Better Heart, Deseret Book 2020

Salvation and eternal life is an absolutely individual matter between us and God. God will never tear down another just to elevate the one. Or slow someone else's progress so that others can catch up. We are all equal in His view. We all have the same opportunity for salvation. Granted, we have different obstacles based on our individual tests and challenges, but nobody is exempt from eternal life. We exempt ourselves by free agency.

I can't say that one person has it better than another because the only shoes that I can wear are my own. I have no idea of what somebody else goes through. All I can see is what's visible but that's never the whole story. And it's human nature to judge based on what's seen through our limited lens and also based on experience. But, that's why we are told not to judge. Because we absolutely don't have the entire picture.

So, tearing someone down so that another can get higher is not what Heavenly Father does or is about. Individual accomplishments should be celebrated, not minimized just because opportunities and paths are different.

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