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March 19, 2020 – Walk in meekness

“Meekness is strong, not weak; active, not passive; courageous, not timid; restrained, not excessive; modest, not self-aggrandizing; and gracious, not brash. A meek person is not easily provoked, pretentious, or overbearing and readily acknowledges the accomplishments of others.”

  1. Elder David A. Bednar, “Meek and Lowly of Heart”, General Conference, April 2018

I was not a very meek person through my teenage years and into my early marriage years. I had a tendency to get frustrated easily and even grumpy. Well, I know where those feelings came from. Don’t misunderstand please… I was never abusive. That is not in my nature. It was always an internal struggle which affected my attitude only.

I was understandably compared to Grumpy of the 7 dwarfs. I was grumpy. I let my negative feelings override my positive.

As I look back on my life, I can definitely see the difference between being on the Lord’s side and when I’m not. On my mission, when the Lord was by my side very often, Satan wasn’t. Which allowed me to show characteristics that were more in line with Christ’s. I was more meek and patient. More outgoing. Confident. Courageous. I still got frustrated with my companions at times but I was more able to bear it.

Then I left the field and into Babylon again. Not having the Lord by me as often, I let Satan interrupt my happiness easier. It’s easy to do. I have to work harder to keep the Spirit because I don’t have that calling anymore. But I still have that right, if I do what I need to.

Now that I’m older, those feelings are few and far between. I still get them occasionally. I like to think that I am passed that point in my life where I was a bit weaker in character, or, at least, my priorities have shifted.

Having the Spirit…more meekness, more patience, more courage, more confidence, more happiness, more selflessness surge through my very being. The closer to Christ I become, the more like Him I am.


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