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March 18, 2021 - Keep Learning

I encourage each person, regardless of age, to continue to learn. Pursue whatever path will be most valuable to you and your family. You will be blessed as you do this. You will grow academically, professionally, and spiritually as you seek to enhance your education.

President Russell M. Nelson, Inauguration of Clark G. Gilbert, BYU-Pathway Worldwide, November 16, 2017

I am fortunate to work in the technology industry that forces me to keep learning. Technology changes so rapidly that I have to adapt and learn or I will be out of a job very quickly.

But do I put the same amount of effort in my spiritual or gospel learning? That subject is far more important than any secular knowledge gained, right?

Why does the thought of being unemployed concern me more than being "unsaved"? Is it the immediacy of the result? Is it because it may affect me tomorrow as opposed to some day long in the future (or so I assume)?

Don't get me wrong...learning and gaining any knowledge is absolutely critical. But the type of knowledge does make a difference. A balance must exist between the secular and the spiritual.

And remember, whatever knowledge "we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us" when we pass on to the next stage in the plan. So, the more we learn, the better our situation in the next life. And, I might add, the more we learn of gospel truths, the better our position on the path allowing us to better help others along it too.

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