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March 16, 2020 – Who are you?

“[Y]ou were chosen by our Father to come to earth at this crucial time because of your premortal spiritual valor. You are among the finest, most valiant men [and women] who have ever come to the earth. Satan knows who you are and who you were premortally, and he understands the work that must be done before the Savior returns. And after millennia of practicing his cunning arts, the adversary is experienced and incorrigible.”

  1. President Russell M. Nelson, “We Can Do Better and Be Better”, General Conference, April 2019

President Nelson gave this talk during the Priesthood session one year ago, but it is for all of us, both male and female. In this talk, he says that we are putting on a good fight, but we can do better.

In my opinion, at least for me, some days I fight with 90% effort and some days it’s only 50% effort. For various reasons, my motivation and will power are weaker. For those reasons and more, the Spirit isn’t with me 100% of the time. If it were, I’d be fighting at 100% all the time.

That is where I can do and be better. I need to work on the things to keep the Spirit 100% of the time.

Satan is powerful. He has a lot of experience. But, there is a reason that we all came here at this time. And, the younger generation are stronger. And their children will be stronger still. We were literally called to come to earth at this time because we, you, are among the strongest spirits in the premortal world. Think about that for a second. Heavenly Father knows how strong. Christ knows how strong. And Satan knows how strong. Satan doesn’t want us to succeed. It is our job to live up to who we were. Christ will help us if we do our part. We need to find out who we were and who we are.

It is also imperative that we are strong so that our children grow up with the faith and knowledge necessary to get them kickstarted down the right path. Together we can do this. A single piece of paper can be torn, but many together cannot.


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