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March 14, 2022 - Learn

Upon each of you, I would like to invoke a blessing as you commence this new decade of your lives. Learn from your personal reflections. Let them help you understand who you are, from where you have come, and what God expects you to be. Let your resolutions strengthen your future. Feast on the words of Christ. Apply his teachings in your lives. Then you will achieve your greatest potential for good. You have been reserved for this time and place in order that the nations of the earth shall be blessed through your efforts.

Then Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Reflection and Resolution", BYU Speeches, January 7,1990

Ambition is a marvelous word, and even greater action. But, in what is our ambition set? What are we pursuing in life? What do we desire to accomplish? What do we desire to be?

Knowledge and education is vital. Afterall, that's the only thing we can take with us as we sojourn beyond this life. But...knowledge in what? Is there one area that's more important than another?

I say yes, there is.

Knowledge in secular areas is important, but that knowledge is futile if it isn't preceded by knowledge of the gospel, of the scriptures, and of the Plan of Salvation, which is the reason of our existence in the first place.

So, our knowledge and understanding will be exponentially increased as we, first and foremost, learn of God, and learn of Jesus Christ, and learn of the Plan of Salvation, and learn of our contribution in that Plan. Seek Ye FIRST, the Kingdom of God.

So, if we want to be an expert in our field, then, along with countless hours of studying that knowledge base in that field, we need to become experts in the gospel first, or at least put in that effort until we are experts....and then keep going. There is NO limit to what we can know if we have God and Christ and the Holy Ghost with us.

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