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March 14, 2021 - Part of the Orchestra

If you currently feel you are not able to be part of the orchestra and the path of repentance appears difficult to you, please know that if we keep at it, the burden will be taken from our shoulders and there will be light again. Heavenly Father will never leave us when we reach for Him. We can fall and get up, and He will help us brush off the dirt from our knees.
[He] will provide warmth and healing and will help you understand who you really are and what your purpose in life is.

Hans T. Boom, "Knowing, Loving, and Growing", General Conference, October 2019

If you've ever listened to an orchestra, you may focus on the easily identifiable instruments, like the violin, brass or flutes. But, every single instrument makes a sound absolutely necessary for the overall melody and harmony of the entire musical piece and the final sound. That's where the beauty is.

It is the same in the Plan of Salvation, the plan of our Heavenly Father. Focus may be guided to the "out front" instruments, for example, the prophet and apostles and general leaders of the church.

But every single sound is absolutely necessary for the overall musical majesty and beauty of God's orchestra on this earth. The part we play may not be the melody. The part we play may not be but a note here and there. The part we play may only be a cymbal crash towards the end. a lot of musical pieces, you will notice that the crescendo or climax of the entire piece is at the end of the number. The heart pounding, soul wrenching, intensity filled, and inspiring part of the number is the climax.

And, that's where we are in our great musical piece in this life... at the crescendo, very close to the end. Every clash of the cymbals, every note that is held for effect, every single instrument that is playing a part in this dramatic, goosebump initiating, emotional, wonderful, majestic, awe inspiring, and grand finale of this musical journey, is necessary for this, God's orchestra.

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