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March 13, 2020 – Remember Him

“There is much more to say about memory and remembering in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We often speak of remembering our sacred covenants and God’s commandments and of remembering and performing saving ordinances for our deceased ancestors. Most importantly, we speak of the need to remember our Savior Jesus Christ and not just when convenient, but always, as He asks. We witness always to remember Him as we partake of the sacrament. In return, we are promised His Spirit will always be with us. Interestingly, this is the same Spirit sent by our Heavenly Father to “bring all things to [our] remembrance.” Thus, by worthily receiving the sacrament, we are blessed by the Spirit to enter into a wonderfully beneficial circle of remembering, returning again and again in our thinking and devotion to Christ and His Atonement.”

  1. Elder Marlin K. Jensen, “Remember and Perish Not”, General Conference, April 2007

Given the current circumstances that we all find ourselves in, it is that much more imperative that we “always remember Him”.

I don’t know how we will take the sacrament to renew our covenants. I know it will be monthly as opposed to weekly. And I know that the Lord will bless us even more so now if we always remember His Son. The meaning of the sacrament prayers will be even more significant. Hear the words. Heavenly Father is speaking to us directly.

We will have greater strength, greater peace, more comfort, even more opportunities to serve. Now is the time to take that next step towards Christ. He is waiting for us to move.


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