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March 12, 2021 - From throne to manger

He was the King of kings, but He was sold for the price of a slave. He was the Father of heaven and earth, yet He was born in a stable for animals. He was the greatest of all, yet He washed the feet of His disciples like a servant. He made the sick and afflicted whole, yet He was scourged and whipped and bruised for our iniquities. He allowed His life to be taken, but He has offered us eternal life. He wants to give us all He has, but He allows us to choose what we will receive.

John Bytheway, "Born This Happy Morning", Deseret Book 2020

It's so amazing to think how the very God of the Old Testament, the greatest of all, the very King of all kings, Jehovah Himself, came down to this earth to not just teach us the way to live, but to die for me and for you. From His throne in the heavens to a lowly manger. From being absolutely respected and loved, to being smitten and spat upon.

Just thinking of that, brings a sense of astonishment and awe to what He did for me personally. He didn't have to. He had everything at His fingertips that He could have ever imagined.

Yet, He gave that up for me. And here I am not fully appreciating what He did for me or even being what I need to be for Him. Why would He do all of that for me?

Because He wanted to give me a chance. To give me the opportunity. All I need to do, is take advantage of it. He put in unfathomable amounts of effort and sacrifice for me. I just need to put in a tiny bit of effort for Him, in comparison.

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