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March 11, 2022 - Disagreements

[W]e are saddened by the conflicts that continue to unfold around the globe. If, in the course of working together there exists some disagreement, whether that be among individuals or nations, the way of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only answer in bringing peace and harmony.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, BYU Pathway Worldwide president inauguration, March 10, 2022

I'm almost everything we do, we may think we are doing it correctly one way, while somebody else thinks it's correctly done another way. It all stems from our perspective...a sum of our knowledge, experiences, and environment.

Disagreements can arise. They can even be escalated to fighting. Evdn worse, these fights can lead to all out war.

I've been pondering quite a bit about why wars are even fought. Granted, some wars are the result of evil ideals trying to be pushed on others. This evil must be stopped. Sadly, we will see more and more of evil influences trying to be pushed across the world.

Point is, each of us need to work and collaborate with others. All the time. We need to learn how to do that peacefully and constructively. That's just part of this mortal life. Jesus Christ knew how to do that perfectly. Why shouldn't we emulate Him and selflessly serve our neighbor?

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