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March 10, 2022 - Blocking the View

We were placed here on earth to progress toward our destiny of eternal life. The doctrine of the restored Church of Jesus Christ gives us a unique perspective and different values to guide our mortal decisions. It sets us apart from those who lack that eternal perspective. It allows us to be steadfast and immovable against the winds of untruths and the earthquakes of mortal adversities.

President Dallin H. Oaks, "Strength and Guidance for Anxious Times", New Era, October 2020

Throughout life, I tend to just view everything from my worldly perspective instead of from the eternal perspective. I've always considered first how a decision would affect me now, and didn't really get concerned about my eternal well being. I had, what The Pacific Institute calls, a "scatoma" of how I thought things were.

Years ago I learned what a "scatoma" is. A scatoma is a theoretical blockage in perspective. It's when you (hypothetically) form an opinion on something in your head and are sure and immovable about what that something is because you think that's right and everyone else is wrong. Consider the idea that the earth was flat and couldn't possibly be round. Well, those in that time period had a "scatoma" in their perspective that the earth was indeed flat. They couldn't, or wouldn't, open their minds enough that there is a possibility that the earth wasn't flat.

That's what a scatoma is. Something that we can't see around because our perspective is limited. And scatomas can lead to disagreements, lead to fights, and can lead to wars. All because you see it as black and someone else sees it as white. And you both are certain each one is the correct.


Of course, God has the eternal perspective. He actually has the entire view. He knows whether it is truly black or if it is white. Only He knows for sure. So why are we, as mankind (and womankind), so closed off? Why do we stick to our "finite guns" and see only the scatoma and do not look past it? Afterall, when we do, we'll discover that things may not really be how we see them....we can discover that the earth is indeed round, so to speak.

God knows, so why not trust Him enough to guide you and show you the truth of all things?

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