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March 10, 2021 - Miracles Happen

We are blessed to live and serve in a most remarkable season of the dispensation of the fulness of times. With all the energy of my soul, I testify that no unhallowed hand and no pandemic can keep the Lord’s holy work from progressing. And I promise that as you honor your covenants and strive to discern “with an eye of faith,” your spiritual vision will be magnified and refined to help you learn that the seemingly small miracles in your life will be the mightiest and most impactful of all.

Elder David A. Bednar, "As Long as the World Shall Stand", BYU Speeches, January 19, 2021

If you look back on your life, and I mean really look, for small, as well as large, events where a divine hand was given in some way, you will see miracles. You will see tender mercies. You will see that our Heavenly Father is involved in each of our lives. Intimately involved. I see that as I really look at the seemingly insignificant, small things in my life. By small and simple things afterall.

A miracle is defined as something that occurs defying the laws of nature, or, simply, an act of God. But sometimes I think we look for grand gestures only. Those can definitely be miracles. But, miracles are most often still, quiet, unnoticed, but meaningful.

If you think about it, God is anything but grand, loud, attention grabbing, and showy. No, He mostly works where nobody but you and me notices. Sometimes, it's inevitable for others to notice. But He doesn't do it to show off, or to prove how majestic He is. He doesn't have to. He steps in to provide help (what we see as miracles) purely to guide us, and sometimes nudge us, back home to Him.

Every hour of every day He devotes to us, helping us, guiding us, willing us home. Tell me He doesn't care?

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