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March 1, 2021 - Hold On

The temptations and tribulations we experience, plus any testing that the Lord sees fit to impose, can lead to our full conversion and healing. But this happens if, and only if, we do not harden our hearts or stiffen our necks against Him. If we remain firm and steadfast, come what may, we achieve the conversion the Savior intended when He said to Peter, “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren,” a conversion so complete that it cannot be undone. The promised healing is the cleansing and sanctification of our sin-wounded souls, making us holy.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "Firm and Steadfast in the Faith of Christ", General Conference, October 2018

When I read or hear the word "heal", I immediately relate that to a reparation of the physical body of some sort. I do that because of the high priority to which I hold the significance of that event in my own physical sphere.

But why do I do that? Sure, healing of physical maladies is important, but they aren't eternally significant. We all have need of some physical healing. We're all mortal afterall. But, mortality is but a small moment in the Plan of Salvation.

The more I sit and ponder that word "healing" and it's significance in terms of my salvation, the more I realize that I am in far greater need of spiritual healing than physical. And this healing shouldn't be a one time occurrence. Satan is pelting us every day, so we need to heal those wounds...every day. Healing and conversion go hand in hand. And I need to be striving for both, every day.

I've always had a testimony throughout my life. I never lost that. Mainly because I have always felt that the truths of the gospel were familiar to me, like I've learned them before coming here to earth. They are a part of who I am.

But out of selfishness and laziness, I took them for granted. I neglected to act on what I knew was right throughout my life. I needed to be healed. I needed to be converted. Conversion, to me, isn't just knowing these things are true. Heck, Satan knows these things are true. Nah, conversion is acting according to that knowledge. It's not just knowing that eternal life is a reality, for example. Conversion is working as hard as I can to achieve eternal life for myself. And then helping others do the same.

I am so fortunate to have held on to what I know is right. I never let go and I am thankful every day that I didn't. I am trying to be converted every day of my life. I am trying to bring others along with me. I may fall and they're the ones helping me back up. Together we will get there.

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