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June 5, 2020 - We know not

We are often more into “political correctness” than “spiritual correctness.” The world would have us believe that our happiness comes from other people’s reactions to us. We use radarlike signals to measure how we look, how we act, and what we think and say. We send out signals—feelers—to others. These signals bounce back. When others find our actions congruent with their thinking, they send positive signals. We interpret those signals to mean that we are of worth. Our interest in others often depends on the signals we receive rather than on genuine feelings within.

Sister Marilyn S. Bateman, "To Thine Own Self Be True”, BYU Speeches, September 9, 1997

It's interesting to think of how finite our minds as mortals are. In fact, we are so finite that we don't even know how finite we are. Or how infinite God is.

The reason I bring that up is because, whether we try or not, part of our value comes from what others around us think of us. Whether we want to fit in, even with a sub standard group, or whether we focus on our appearance, even to the point that we have to fake it. Or whether we are a role model of some sort to someone who relies on us. We want to be seen as good people. Well, most of us anyway.

Heavenly Father does not value Himself based on what those around Him think. He doesn't have to trick us into thinking He is better than He really is. He cannot get better. He cannot improve. There's no room for improvement. He is at the highest level He can be at. Again, as mortals, we tend to put a limit on things, like saying His character is the very top, but the very top of what? His character is infinite. It has no end.

Instead of putting our value in the reactions or thoughts of someone else, it only truly matters what our Heavenly Father thinks of us. And, we can't trick Him. We can't fool Him into thinking we're better than we really are. He knows. In fact, He sees us the person we are destined to be, not as we are now.

The worth of souls is great. How can we fathom how great right now? We can't. We haven't the smallest fraction of an understanding. A giant redwood tree started as a tiny seed....that will give a limited idea to how great we can be, and even then there is still no limit, ultimately, to how great we can become.

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