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June 4, 2020 - The road less traveled

This is your world. The future is in your hands. The outcome is up to you. The way to exaltation is not a freeway featuring unlimited vision, unrestricted speeds, and untested skills. Rather, it is known by many forks and turnings, sharp curves, and controlled speeds. Your driving skill will be put to the test. Are you ready? You are driving. You haven’t passed this way before. Fortunately, the Master Highway Builder, even our Heavenly Father, has provided a road map showing the route to follow. He has placed markers along the way to guide you to your destination.

President Thomas S. Monson, "Decisions Determine Destiny", BYU Speeches, November 6, 2005

I often think of a popular country song by Tim McGraw entitled, "Live like you were dying". I like this song. Although, it does imply to fulfill your bucket lists, do the things you always dreamed about doing. That is not inherently wrong. But is that a priority? The song also mentions being kinder to others, loving others more deeply, forgiving others, making it priority to strengthen relationships, reading the scriptures. That....should be a priority.

We don't know what's ahead. We can't see the road in front of us. We can't see around the bend. The road of life is full of turns, curves, bends, hills, potholes, etc., not to mention the sheer drop off that awaits to destroy us if we turn the wheel incorrectly. The Lord has given us signs and mile markers to navigate along the way. has Satan. Satan will always suggest rest stops, pulling over, detours, following enticing but misleading signs,....and sometimes a different road altogether.

Be always on the lookout. Know the difference between God's navigation helps and Satan's counterfeits. Use the navigation tools we have been given.

Also, the vehicle we are traveling in may be barely working. We may have no AC so the heat is intense. The windows may not work to give fresh air. The shocks may be shot so we feel every pothole. Our wipers may not work to clear our visibility. Even our own lights may be dim so we don't see well.

Fortunately, there is One who wants to travel with us. The Master Repairman. He can repair our vehicle, He can fix the AC, He can fix the window, He can repair the shocks, He can fix the wipers, He will steer as needed, and He will provide the light. He is the light. He is the way.

So live as if this is your last day in this mortal existence. Be kinder. Be more loving. Be forgiving. Strengthen relationships, especially with our Father and Brother.

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