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June 30, 2021 - Prove Me Now Herewith

Let us here observe that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation; for, from the first existence of man, the faith necessary unto the enjoyment of life and salvation never could be obtained without the sacrifice of all earthly things.

The Prophet Joseph Smith, " Lectures on Faith", Lecture 6:7

What I gather from this quote is that there is a ratio of what we sacrifice, as to our earthly things, and our enjoyment in life and salvation. I understand the phrase "in life and salvation" to mean in this life on earth and salvation in the next.

So, if I understand correctly, enjoyment in this life is dependent on our sacrificing our earthly things. The more we sacrifice, the greater our joy. Makes sense, right?

Does that mean we will be full of sorrow and woe if we don't ever sacrifice? Of course not. But it does mean that we can experience pure joy if we do sacrifice. And does it mean we sacrifice our homes, vehicles, etc., and live out in the open and walk everywhere instead? It could... but that isn't very practical or intended today.

The greatest way for us to learn the Law of Sacrifice is through paying our tithing. The law of tithing is a commandment with a promise. As we sacrifice 10% of our increase to the Lord, He will "open the windows of heaven" and bless us, with whatever we stand in need of, but not necessarily what we desire.

So, we are obeying a commandment, which brings blessings for doing that, but we are also sacrificing, which brings greater blessings. And all we have to do is sacrifice 10%, at least. To me that doesn't seem equal...what we give up vs what we get in return.

I've heard this before, but I can't remember where or who said it... 'Others say "I can't afford to pay tithing", but I say "I can't afford not to pay tithing"'.

Tithing brings forth joy!

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