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June 30, 2020 - Rearrange the stars

Individually and collectively our destiny lies in the ability to connect the points of light in our lives so that we can see the broad patterns of eternity. As we work hard, choose wisely, overcome opposition, and exercise faith in the Atonement and the plan of salvation, we will recognize that our destiny is not merely to gaze into the night sky but to create and organize the stars and to dwell eternally in the heavens.

Michael Middleton, "Adding Stars to Your Life’s Sky", BYU Speeches, May 26, 2015

Undoubtedly, as we gaze into the night's sky (outside of the Valley of the Sun, where you can actually see the stars), do you ever wonder about the vastness of the universe? Then, your thoughts lead to Heavenly Father and His creating that universe? At least mine do. I wonder for sure. I ponder that subject often.

Something that never occurred to me is that I am not here to just gaze at those stars. I am not here to be awe struck by the grandeur of it all. I am not here to sit back and watch.

Have you ever thought about God's downtime? What does He do after "work"? When does He relax? How does He relax? When is "date night" for Him and Heavenly Mother? Does He have game night?

We don't know. It is not in the scriptures. It hasn't been revealed to us. Why? Because His sole purpose in this Plan of Salvation is our, yours and mine, our immortality and eternal life. He never stops working. He never stops worrying. He never stops loving. His only purpose is us. You and me.

So, we need to do the same. Work! Work out our own salvation. Don't just sit back and gaze at the beauty of it all. Be an active participant in that beauty. Rearrange the stars in your life. I need to rearrange my stars.

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